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Friday, May 26, 2006

American Idol, Taylor Hicks, and... David Hasselhoff?

Well then! Thank goodness for YouTube. I had Tivo recording the killer season finale of Lost last night and missed out on the American Idol season finale. Fortunately by morning, YouTube already had a video posting of Ryan Seacrest announcing the winner. By now, I'm sure you're aware that the gray-haired-"soul patrol"-shouting Taylor Hicks beat out the beautiful-if-not-inconsistent Katharine McPhee. While I'm still a bit aggravated that Chris Daughtry got a eliminated a few weeks back, I have to say that I'm pleased that Hicks eventually won.

BUT, what REALLY pleased me was seeing David Hasselhoff getting all teary-eyed when Seacrest revealed Hicks as the winner. WTF! That's great freaking television. You can't make up shit like that.

While I'm going on about American Idol, I just wanted to comment on the Coca Cola advertising watermark in the lower lefthand corner of the screen that we kept seeing throughout the season during the interview segments. You knew that advertising was going to become more invasive, particularly with the advent of things like Tivo that allow viewers to easily skip over commercials. I love Coke more than the next three people combined, but I fear what the next iteration of NASCAR-meets-ADD-television-advertising will be.


Topics: American Idol, Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, Soul Patrol, Coca Cola, Coke, Tivo, advertising, Chris Daughtry, and Lost.

posted by silinx | 12:13:00 AM


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